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SeraiKasturi menyediakan perkhidmatan terbaik dan berbaloi kepada pelanggan seperti penjagaan ibu selepas bersalin dan penjagaan bayi semasa tempoh servis dijalankan.

Kami menyediakan perkhidmatan dan penjagaan pantang untuk ibu selepas bersalin seperti urutan, sauna, spa, lulur, tangas, tungku, mandian herba, urutan bayi dan lain-lain.

We offer various packages for stay-in traditional confinement care. We cover worldwide.

We provide moms only the best traditional Malay postpartum care by our certified confinement therapists. Our therapists are selected and have gone through selection process and postnatal training. So expect your confinement experiences with us to be healing and full of compassion. And the best part? All these, done at the comfort of your own home or confinement center or any place of choice. We come to serve.


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Yi Jing is a physiotherapist with a passion for women's health. She sees women at different phases of their life and treats both pregnancy & non-pregnancy related pain and dysfunctions. A holistic approach of manual techniques, acupuncture & dry needling, therapeutic exercises, self-help strategies and mindfulness is what she believes in, yielding good and sustainable results.

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