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10 Best Nursing Pillows In Malaysia

8 min | Updated on 01-05-2022 by HappyPreggie
Breastfeeding is one of the strongest ties that a woman and her child may form. A breastfeeding pillow may be quite beneficial to mothers, particularly during breastfeeding sessions! It not only supports and lifts up your baby, but it also provides a comfy and sturdy surface for them to lay on.

10 Best nursing pillows in Malaysia
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Choosing the perfect nursing pillow can also help you relieve neck, arm, and back pain. With such a wide range of nursing pillows on the market, how can you choose the finest nursing pillow in Malaysia? We've compiled the current 10 Best Nursing Pillows in Malaysia for our Best of Baby series, delivering excellent choices to fit your budget and lifestyle.

#1 My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow

My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow
(Image credits to Ubuy)

My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow is more than just a smart name pun; it may genuinely be your best friend, especially during breastfeeding! Its innovative wrap-around design guarantees that the torso is firmly fastened while relieving shoulder and arm pain. When this might be useful for supporting your infant while nursing, avoid using it while standing! There are also compartments on the outside where you may keep your accessories and supplies.

Why use this:

  • It has a wrap-around design.
  • Attached pockets.
  • Very well fitted and easy to breastfeed.

#2 Bumble Bee: Nursing Pillow

Bumble Bee: Nursing Pillow
(Image credits to Perfect Mama Baby Store )

While breastfeeding or bottle feeding in a sitting posture, the Bumble Bee nursing cushion provides support for both the mother and the baby. The pillow is unique in that it relieves pressure from the incision wound, making it excellent breastfeeding support for C-section mothers. Because it is comprised of combed cotton fabrics with poly-fiber filling, it is also suited for hypoallergenic newborns.

Why use this:

  • One of the best U-shaped pillows for mothers who had C-sections.
  • Suitable for hypoallergenic babies.
  • Helps to relieve pressure from incision wounds.
  • Made with cotton materials.

#3 Doomoo Buddy Nursing Pillow

Doomoo Buddy Nursing Pillow
(Image credits to Babydaah)

The Doomoo Buddy Nursing Pillow is a great option since it can be used by both the infant and the parents as a multi-purpose cushion. Anyone can be instantly relaxed because of its u-shape, flexibility, and soft material. Mothers-to-be would be pleased! From pregnancy to breast or bottle feeding, this cushion provides complete comfort.

Why use this:

  • Doomoo buddy nursing pillow is a multiuse cushion.
  • Very Comfortable and soft.

#4 Chicco Boppy Nursing Pillow

Chicco Boppy Nursing Pillow
(Image credits to Amazon)

The Chicco Boppy Breastfeeding Pillow is one of the most adaptable nursing pillows available in Malaysia. Its ergonomic Shape Special fiber provides a 4-in-1 utility, allowing you to use it for feeding, supporting, sitting, and even tummy time! This simple-to-use cushion has elements that will assist both the infant and the mother in maintaining a comfortable position. Muscle cramping, shoulder soreness, and neck strains are no longer an issue.

Why use this:

  • It has a 4-in-1 use.
  • This pillow can adapt to the mother’s body without losing shape.
  • Has a great shape.

#5 NiceBorn Baby Nursing Pillow

NiceBorn Baby Nursing Pillow
(Image credits to Daraz)

The NiceBorn Baby Nursing Pillow is our next item on the list, and it has 100 percent cotton stuffing and soft, breathable fabric for the ultimate in comfort. You may rest assured that the optimum support will be offered to relieve your arms and back while also elevating your baby into the proper feeding posture. It also has a removable cushion to support your child's head. This may also be used as a crib pillow! Most importantly, this cushion is machine washable and can wash it multiple washings.

Why use this:

  • Made with 100% soft cotton filling.
  • Provides support to your arm to relieve pressure.
  • Washing machine friendly and can be washed multiple times.
  • Can use as a cushion crib.

#6 Boboduck Newborn Baby Breastfeeding Pillow

Boboduck Newborn Baby Breastfeeding Pillow
(Image credits to Shopee)

Any mother will tell you that the traditional breast or bottle-feeding position is exhausting. Get the Boboduck Newborn Baby Breastfeeding pillow so you may free up your hands and look forward to feeding time. Your baby will not choke, and milk will not spill, thanks to the 15-degree head raise. Meanwhile, the high-elastic compact pearl cotton assures that the cushion will not deform easily while remaining soft and comfy. Yes, you'll be able to use it for a long time, even in the future.

Why use this:

  • The Boboduck newborn pillow is very soft and comfy.
  • Has a 15- degree head tilt.
  • Can use it for a long time.

#7 Nuvita Breastfeeding Pillow

Nuvita Breastfeeding Pillow
(Image credits to Amazon)

Nuvita's unique micro-pearl stuffing allows it to adjust to the most comfortable breastfeeding height. It has anti-allergic properties and is breathable. It has a lock feature that keeps it securely around your waist while letting you keep your hands free. It contains a little, hidden pouch where you can keep the bottle and other breastfeeding necessities. It is one of the widest and comfortable types available, ensuring the baby's optimum comfort.

Why use this:

  • It has micro-pearl stuffed cotton inside.
  • Made with a lock feature that keeps it secured around your waist.

#8 Babyhood Nursing Pillow 4-in-1 with Toybar

Babyhood Nursing Pillow 4-in-1 with Toybar
(Image credits to Bubs n Grubs)

The Babyhood breastfeeding pillow is unique because it is made of organic cotton, which is one of the best materials for newborns because of its amazing softness and capacity to avoid skin allergies. What makes the cushion even more fascinating is that it comes with a toy bar and hanging toys. You may now occupy your baby while breastfeeding them.

Why use this:

  • Made with amazingly soft cotton.
  • This breastfeeding pillow helps to avoid skin allergies.
  • Comes with a toybar that hangs toys.

#9 Babylove Premium Nursing Pillow

Babylove Premium Nursing Pillow
(Image credits to Babylove Malaysia)

The Babylove Premium Nursing Pillow is another one of the top nursing pillows in Malaysia that we suggest you must consider. This cushion will support your baby in a tight and comfortable position from pregnancy through the nursing phase. The ergonomic design is intended to relieve stress on the mother, but it may also be used to educate your child to sit! Indeed, talk about adaptability.

Why use this:

  • Its ergonomic design reduces strain.
  • This pillow is non-toxic and made with 100% natural cotton.

#10 Dr. Brown's Gia Nursing Pillow

Dr. Brown's Gia Nursing Pillow
(Image credits to Amazon)

The innovative angled form of the Gia nursing pillow places the baby at an inclination, which may improve digestion and avoid reflux. The cushion is also higher and wider than regular pillows, allowing moms to arrange it in a number of ways for optimal comfort.
The cushion and coverings are constructed of 100 percent cotton-sewn fabric. The pillow may be used with or without a cover, and both the pillow and the coverings are machine washable. Because the form and design were devised by a Lactation Consultant who took mom's demands into the mind and designed a basic, yet extremely adaptable nursing cushion, the Gia has quickly achieved popularity.

Why use this:

  • It’s designed by a Lactation Consultant.
  • It is made with an angle that helps the feeding easily.
  • This pillow is wider and bigger than other nursing pillows.
  • Made with 100% cotton.
  • Can use it with or without cover.

We hope that HappyPreggie's guide to the 10 Best Nursing Pillows in Malaysia will guide you in finding the best nursing pillow for you. Also, have a look at our other buying guides. If you find this information valuable, please share it with your friends. We'll be posting more buying suggestions in the future.

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