Your Pregnancy Week by Week Checklist & Activities

While your doctor will be able to advise you best, there are still plenty of things you can do as soon as you’re pregnant. With HappyPreggie’s planner, make your journey stress-free and filled with our handpicked experiences. Try it out now!

How do you want to calculate your due date?

The Complete Pregnancy Checklist and To-Do List

Every stage of pregnancy is different and overwhelming. Let us help you to stay organised and getting things done with these comprehensive checklist templates. They are FREE, EASY-TO-USE and CUSTOMISABLE. Download here and be a confident parent today!

The budgeting checklist for you to track your pregnancy essentials easily.

A complete list of the things you will need to pack before your birthing.

A plan that represents your birthing preferences when you are in labour or delivery.

A catalogue of baby products that you should stock up before the baby’s arrival.

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After childbirth, a mother’s body is weakened as a result of the loss of blood during delivery and the hormonal changes experienced. It is therefore vital that mothers use their confinement period to recover, recuperate and revitalize their bodies. This rejuvenation process is achieved with plenty of rest and a well-balanced diet.

We treasure that priceless moment that could only happen once in life. So started in the year 2010, I pick up my camera and promise want to do something meaningful for people with my talent gift. In 2020, we are given a good opportunity to form up our own team to continue this mission down the road. We are based in KL but we will travel for destination for client preference.

Our clinic is committed to providing the best services for both women and children of all ages. Our team consisted of experienced professionals (obstetrician and gynaecologist, paediatrician, staff nurses, sonographer, physiotherapist, psychologists, breastfeeding counsellors etc). We strive to provide holistic healthcare to our patients. Our motto is "Healthy women, healthy children. Healthy children, healthy future".

Child specialist clinic in Taman Megah PJ, offering affordable and quality healthcare for babies and children including vaccination, newborn jaundice screening. Passionate about breastfeeding, provide lactation consultation.

Yi Jing is a physiotherapist with a passion for women's health. She sees women at different phases of their life and treats both pregnancy & non-pregnancy related pain and dysfunctions. A holistic approach of manual techniques, acupuncture & dry needling, therapeutic exercises, self-help strategies and mindfulness is what she believes in, yielding good and sustainable results.

Confinement Care and Beauty | "Your Trusted and Prestigious Confinement & Beauty Care Partner" | Mobile Spa Straight to Your Doorstep

Smile Avenue Dental Surgery is the realization of our vision for the future of dentistry in Malaysia. We provide a full range of dental treatments including general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, implant dentistry, and facial aesthetic treatments in a warm and friendly environment at our dental practices in Publika, Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur.

At Zinnia Fields, we take pride in providing professional wellness services and contemporary facilities in an environment that is cozy and conducive to postnatal recovery. We offer memorable experiences that will not only help with the body’s recovery process after child birth, it will rejuvenate the spirit and prepare new mothers for the joys of motherhood.