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6 Household Chores To Avoid When Pregnant

5 min | Updated on 30-03-2023 by HappyPreggie

Pregnancy is the most delicate period in a woman’s life because she carries the weight of another life within her. So, safety and care become a meticulous aspect throughout the entire journey, especially between the first and fourth trimesters. However, for mothers, that’s not the case! Despite being pregnant some of us would want a squeaky-clean house, hence inadvertently start to clean up the house. 

6 Househhold Chores to Avoid When Pregnant
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But, you would just be surprised when we say even the simplest form of task like washing the dishes can be harmful to your baby and you. Since you might be wondering what else house chores that you should put on hold for now, we have listed down 6 cleaning activities to avoid during pregnancy. After all, this is the time for you to take the utmost break while letting the men take over for you.

6 Cleaning Chores to Avoid:

#1 Using heavy-chemical products

Studies have shown that harsh chemicals exposed to a pregnant woman can cause neural tube defects, deformities of the heart and limbs as well as congenital disorders for babies. How is this possible? 

Avoid using heavy chemical products- 6 household chores to avoid when pregnant
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Most of your household products like floor cleaners, dishwashers, insecticides, bleaching products, and disinfectants have harsh chemicals in them. Inhaling fumes from them can enter the bloodstream and pass onto your baby through the placenta. Hence, it would be best if any other family helps you with mopping the floor, washing the dishes, clothes and dealing with plants. 

#2 Carrying heavy loads

Yes! This is another common household chore that you need to avoid while being pregnant and we remind you not to dust it off. It’s easier to injure your back while your little one is still inside your womb and trust us, back pain is the last thing you want to have at this point. During your pregnancy, all your ligaments are loosened while the growing belly puts extra weight and pressure on your spine. 

Don't lift heavy loads- 6 household chore to avoid when pregnant
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So, there’s bound to be normal pregnancy back pain! However, moving and lifting heavy loads add more strain to the loosened ligaments and your spine. Thus to avoid injuries for your baby and you, asking help from your superhero to move the furniture, carry heavy objects, and unload groceries would do some good. 

#3 Climbing, tilting, or balancing tasks

Feel like hanging the curtains, wiping the windows, or climbing on the stool to get something from the kitchen cabinet? A big no! Expecting women shouldn’t be doing any climbing, tilting, or balancing tasks. 

Never do climbing, balancing or tiliting chores- 6 household chores to avoid when pregnant
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Any of these three actions on a ladder, chair, or stool poses a great threat to the growing being inside you because as your belly grows, you will go through a change in the center of your body gravity. Therefore, you are prone to falling, and falling during maternity can cause separation of the placenta or preterm labor. 


#4 Standing too long

This is not a household chore, but almost all household activities require you to stand for a long time. So, activities like cooking can actually aggravate your minor health issues during pregnancy. Here’s how! Standing for too long can disrupt the blood flow, increase the risk of high blood pressure and add on to the already existing back pain. 

Standing for too long- 6 household chores to avoid when pregnant
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What's more, it can also cause swollen feet. While being pregnant is the most wonderful journey, the bodily pains that come with it are something that every mother has to go through (huge respect to all the supermoms). But it can be avoided with some extra care to not stand for too long and some light exercises. 

#5 Cleaning litter boxes

Do you have cats, dogs, or any other pets with you? If yes, then you must be familiar with cleaning their litter boxes, but that was when you were a single woman. Now, you are bearing a baby and this task should be avoided at all costs. Cleaning after dog poop and cat feces can be deadly to the developing baby due to toxoplasmosis