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8 Homemade Baby Foods You Get In Malaysia 2023

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In most cases, a lot of babies will normally be ready to start eating solid foods aside from breastfeeding or formula-feeding by the ages of 4 to 6 months.

Healthy baby food
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During this time they will begin to develop the coordination inside their mouths to move solid food from the front to the back for swallowing. They will also stop using their tongue to push food out of their mouth.

What are the signs that they are ready?

Every child grows differently so there isn't any specific age or time where they are prepared to take solid foods. However, you can always look for these physical signs:

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Is your child big enough? Most infants, in general, are ready for solid foods if they weigh around 13 pounds or more, which is double their birth weight.

Can your child hold their heads up? Your baby should be able to sit in a high chair, a feeding seat, or an infant seat with good head control.

Do they open their mouths when food comes their way? If your baby starts reaching for your food or is excited to be fed when they watch you eat, it is a sign that they are ready for solid foods.

Can they transfer food from a spoon into their throat? Check if the food is dribbling down your child’s chin while they are eating. It may be a sign that they still cannot move it to the back of their mouths for swallowing. In this case, wait for a week or two and try again.

What should you take into consideration?

Not all foods are good for infants. For example, cow’s milk can increase the risk of iron deficiency and does not meet a baby’s nutritional needs. On the other hand, honey might contain spores that can cause a serious sickness known as infant botulism. Never offer these two foods to your child before the age of 1.

Foods that baby can't eat
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Aside from that, avoid giving your infant foods that can cause them to choke easily. While your baby may be ready for solid foods, they still need some time to get used to it. Do not offer them foods like sausages, chunks of meat or cheese, grapes, raw vegetables, or fruit chunks, unless they're cut up into small pieces. Besides that, do not offer hardened foods such as seeds, nuts, popcorn and hard candies that take some time to be chewed.

It is recommended that you give your baby potentially allergenic foods when you introduce other complimentary meals. Until now, no evidence showed that delaying the introduction of these foods can help prevent food allergies. However, it is a good period to determine if your child is allergic to any food instead of finding it out later when they are older.

Potentially allergenic foods include:

  • Peanuts and tree nuts
  • Eggs
  • Cow milk products
  • Wheat
  • Crustacean shellfish
  • Fish
  • Soy

Baby Food Recommendations In Malaysia

#1 Squeeze Me Baby

This brand was started by Ann Yeap for her son who suffers from digestive problems and various food allergies since he was young. Their meals are packed into BPA-free squeeze packs and the ingredients are freshly made daily for the baby. Their best menus include sweet purees made of fruits like apple, pumpkin, pear and sweet potato which are recommended for babies 6 months onwards.

Baby food - Squeeze Me Baby
(Image credits to Squeeze Me Baby)

They also provide other menus for infants aged 8 and 12 months with prices starting from RM7.90. Their products can be found at Baby Grocer sections in Eco Cheras Mall and Central I-City aside from a delivery option for online orders.

Check out their Facebook and Instagram account.

#2 Tic Tac Tots: Superfoods for Supertots!

Ran by two mommy entrepreneurs, Tic Tac Tots Malaysia is a brand that is all about babies and toddlers nutrition. They strongly believe that a healthy, well-balanced meal planned for babies and toddlers, sets the building blocks for happy, precocious super tots.

Baby food - Tic Tac Tots
(Image credits to Tic Tac Tots: Superfoods for Supertots!)

With an offer for delivery and pickup, they provide 6 to 8 staple meals that are changed on a timely basis such as Asian Beef Stew with Rice, Hidden Vegetable Pasta with chicken nuggets and cauliflower mac & cheese, all starting prices as low as RM8.

Check out their Facebook and Instagram account.

#3 Mamahanicooks

Mahani was inspired to start Mamahanicooks during the MCO when her profession as a dancer and choreographer was affected badly due to the pandemic. She then decided to start this business not only to generate some income but more importantly, to help other mums feed their kids with nutritious meals during these troubling times.

Baby food - Mamahanicooks
(Image credits to Mamahanicooks)

Their best menu includes a random mix of Asian-inspired dishes such as Teppanyaki Chicken Meatballs, Spaghettini Carbonara and Slow-cooked Chicken Soup with Garlic Fried Rice priced at RM12 per set. They also offer delivery services every Tuesday and Friday afternoon.

Check out their Instagram account.

#4 Hello My Little Chef

Founder Azwa’s goal is to give the best to her little ones by creating healthy and high-quality food. Their menu consists of a variety of Halal frozen finger foods, frozen dishes and rice bowls which are suitable for babies aged 8 months and 10 months onwards.

Baby food - Hello My Little Chef
(Image credits to Hello My Little Chef)

These food include Veggie Tots at RM15, Baked Macaroni and Chicken Lasagna both priced at RM10 and a lot more healthy goodness that is available through their delivery services and self-pickup option.

Check out their Instagram account.

#5 Baby Ambrosia

Baby Ambrosia is a brand that is committed to being an eco-friendly company and having minimal impact on the environment, and at the same time, producing the best yummy food for babies.

Baby food - Baby Ambrosia
(Image credits to Baby Ambrosia)

Both their pots and packaging are recyclable and they also use fresh ingredients through most local sources. They offer delivery services with minimal charging fees and their menu price starts from RM7.90 for their Simply First Weaning Purees dedicated to infants aged 4 to 6 months.
Check out their Facebook and Instagram account.

#6 Fawwaz Little Kitchen

Mahfudzah Mustafha started the company about a year and a half ago after she finished her Masters in entrepreneurship at UKM. Naming the business after her baby son, she then decided to pursue the profession seriously and actively.

Baby food - Fawwz Little Kitchen
(Image credits to Fawwaz Little Kitchen)

The brand’s menu consists of 22 items of food and fruit powders, freeze-dried fruits and vegetable-flavoured dry macaroni that are free of any preservatives, added sugar, salt and artificial colouring. The food is also specifically prepared for babies 6 months onwards and can be obtained through their delivery service that is done every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Check out their Instagram and Facebook account.

#7 Baby Eats By Justlixa

Baby Eats by Justlixa provides a range of home-cooked baby and toddler food that are prepared from scratch using safe and Halal ingredients. Their food is also made fully of wholesome natural flavours and does not contain any added salt, sugar, additives or preservatives.

Baby food - Baby Eats By Justlixa
(Image credits to Baby Eats by Justlixa)

With choices for babies from 6 months to 5-year-old toddlers, their foods can be quickly prepared through simple reheating on the stove or in the microwave. They also provide delivery services every day depending on availability for parents and babies’ convenience.

Check out their Instagram and Facebook account.

#8 Hygge Babies

Monitored by dedicated mommies, Hygge Babies is a brand that prioritizes the importance of nutrition for children at an early age. Each of their meals is carefully designed to pack a sufficient amount of nutrition paired with delicious flavours.

Baby food - Hygge Babies
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By mixing various healthy ingredients, their meals are also free from any preservatives, additives or enhancers and are 100% vegan made. Their food is available in easy-to-open jars and they offer delivery services every Tuesday and Saturday.

Check out their Instagram and Facebook account.

As your baby has begun to slowly get used to eating solid foods, continue to offer them a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, grains, and protein-rich foods. You can also start to gradually introduce more textures and soft finger foods once their eating has improved. Serving your baby what the rest of the family is eating is not a problem, but always watch out for added sugars that are not recommended for children under the age of 2. For precautions, always check the Nutrition Facts label on packaged foods that you buy and try to steer clear of foods that list 1 gram or more of added sugars.

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