Best Christmas Movies To Watch With Your Kids In This Holiday

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With the holidays around the corner, you are probably busy buying presents, engrossing over baked goods, planning Christmas meals and decorations for a merry celebration. But, it’s nice to stop once in a while and spend cuddly nights on the couch with some hot cocoa, especially with your little ones and movie nights are the best way to spend time with your kids.

Best christmas movies to watch with your kids in this holiday
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‘Tis the season to be watching some festive movies with your kids. Turn on the TV, and you’ll find an array of Christmas movies lined up for the holidays. Though, what are some festive flicks you can enjoy with your kiddiwinks? Don’t worry ‘cause we’ve got you covered for the season, as we are giving you a list of the best Christmas movies to watch with your kids in this holiday. 

#1 Klaus (2019)

Set in a gloomy and isolated town, Smeerensburg, spoiled son of the Royal Postman General named Jesper Johansson is sent there to post 6 thousand letters within a year. If he fails, the family fortune will never be his. To Jesper’s despair, the Smeerensburg people are separated into two familial wars- the Krums and the Ellingboes- that hinders his agenda. Fortunately, he meets Klaus living in the outskirts of the town who then join hands with Jesper to craft toys for the children of the town, while changing the feuded-town into the North Pole we know!

Klaus- Best christmas movies to watch with your kids in this holiday
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A not-your-usual animated Christmas film, Klaus is a beautiful story about the origin of Christmas that is beyond our expectations. Together, Jesper and Klaus melts an age-old feud by delivering a sleigh full of gifts and Christmas spirit.

#2 Home Alone (1990)

Speaking about Christmas classics, Home Alone is always the go-to festive flick in every household. It begins with the gathering of the McCallister family who are preparing to spend their Christmas in Paris. Things take a turn when Kevin, our hero, wakes up to find that he is home alone for the holidays. His wish came true but plans didn’t work out the way he wanted when two burglars were trying to break-in his house. Little did they know that Kevin transformed the whole house as the house-of-bobby traps. 

Home Alone- Best christmas movies to watch with your kids in this holiday
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An adventurous-comedic film filled with familial values, love and joy that would leave you laughing with your kids. If you want to continue the laughter, you might as well watch Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.

#3 Disney's A Christmas Carol (2009)

Another classic that you and your kids would definitely enjoy is none other than Disney’s A Christmas Carol. Adapted from Charles Dickens’ novel, the animated movie revolves around Scrooge who refuses to partake in any merriment. Soon, the grumpy Scrooge is visited by three Christmas spirits bringing him to the journey of his past, present and future Christmas. These visits changed Scrooge for the better, surprising those who had only experienced his crabby attitude. 

A Christmas Carol
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It’s a must-watch movie in our best Christmas movies to watch with your kids list as it would teach the young hearts to be always generous, kind and compassionate towards others.

#4 The Polar Express (2004)

On the night of Christmas eve, a young boy is invited to board the Polar Express, thus embarking on a journey to the North Pole. Despite doubting the existence of Santa Claus, he boards the train where he meets a smart-witty girl, a timid boy and a know-it-all boy. Together, they travel to the North Pole and on the way the hero boy (nameless protagonist) is faced with snowy crusades that teach him meaningful life lessons. Will he meet Santa Clause and change his doubts on Santa’s existence? Do find it out for yourself!

The Polar Express- Best christmas movies to watch with your kids in this holiday
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Enjoy this magical journey as a family while showing your little ones the importance of friendship, bravery and the essence of Xmas. 

#5 Rise of the Guardians (2012)

How would it feel to be believed in? Jack Frost felt alive when Jamie was able to see, touch and speak to him. The Man-in-Moon chose Jack Frost to be one of the guardians against the evil immortal Pitch. Hence, Jack Frost teams up with Santa Claus, Tooth-fairy, Sandman and Easter Bunny to fight against Pitch who was threatening the belief of every child around the world while making the Guardians weak except for Jack Frost. In the climax, Pitch kills Sandy (sorry for the spoiler) but the movie holds a merry ending to it that you surely don't want to miss. 

The Rise of The Guardians
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Let’s keep on believing like the children and protect their innocence till the very end like the Guardians. Get your marshmallows, hot chocolate drinks and pudding ready!!

#6 The Grinch (2018)

The Grinch is exactly like Scrooge, except that he is hilarious to the core. For someone who hates Christmas, the Grinch decides to spoil the Whoville’s townspeople holidays. How? He plots an evil plan to steal their Christmas with the help of his dog Max and Fred the reindeer. 

The Grinch
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On the night before Christmas, he disguises as St. Nicholas and flies on his sleigh to steal everybody’s Christmas presents and decorations. The Whos woke up to a plain town but still held their Christmas spirits because they knew ‘tis season is not about the presents. A puzzled Grinch repents and accepts his wrongdoings. 

All of us should be like Cindy Lou who accepted his apologies and invited him to the Christmas dinner. Hey, Xmas is all about forgiving and forgetting and teaching our children the same.


#7 Trolls Holiday (2017)

The queen of Trolls, Poppy finds out that the Bergens have no holidays to celebrate upon the abolishment of Trollstice. Soon she sets out to bring the holidays (Christmas) to the Bergens; King Gristle and Queen Bridget, her friend. In the course, Poppy forces the Bergens to go by her way. Queen Bridget gets upset over Poppy’s attitude and both of them face a difference in opinion. Poppy leaves and Bridget becomes sad. But, Branch’s advice to Poppy brought her to a realization and she returns to a beautifully decorated Bergens. Poppy and Bridget apologize to each other and celebrate the holiday wonderfully with friends and families.

Trolls Holiday
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Trust us, one of the best Christmas movies you could ever watch with your kiddos that will teach them the value of friendship and forgiving. What’s better than that!

#8 Frozen (2013)

Now, who doesn’t love Olaf and the song ‘Let It Go’ sung by Elsa? We all love it and hopefully, you do as well. This coming of age movie revolves around Princess Elsa who has magical powers and her sister Princess Anna who is there from the beginning till the very end to support Elsa. Elsa shocks her sister and the citizens of Arendell when she accidentally unveils her wintry power in a royal coronation. Scared and anxious, Elsa runs far away from her loved ones setting off eternal winter in Arendell and sets a beautiful glistening ice castle at the North Mountains. Anna, Olaf with Kristoff and Sven the reindeer bring Elsa home to ward off the curse and end with a   Christmassy celebration. 

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Be it an original version or the sing-along version, you and your children can have a musical movie night while tugging a healthy sibling relationship.  

#9 Arthur Christmas (2011)

One present, two hours before Christmas, and two eager children. It’s not that simple because when a present that has to be delivered by Arthur Claus has been misplaced, he has to race against the time to fetch it back and give it to the girl who is supposed to receive it. With his grandfather, Grandsanta and his father, Santa Claus, they embark on an adventure to get the gift and place it under the girl’s Christmas tree before everything is ruined. 

Arthur Christmas
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A witty, funny and emotional Christmas animation movie that has got to be in your watch list for your kids would laugh out loud the entire movie. 

#10 The Christmas Chronicles (2018)

Claire, Teddy and Kate are a broken family. After the death of their husband and father, they try hard to keep the holiday season lively but the absence of Doug worsens everything. Kate is determined to keep the spirits high but her hardworking mom and her troubled brother seems to be facing a tough time. What’s unexpected about the movie is that the brother and sister plan to catch Santa this Christmas and eventually get the hold of him. They have a rollercoaster ride with Mr “Ho Ho Ho” that most kids could only wish for. 

The Christmas Chronicles
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Join your kids in this ride and Ho Ho Ho with them to a beautiful holiday everyone. We guarantee you a heartfelt movie that would leave you warm and cozy with your munchkins.

Christmas is every child's hope and belief. They want their parents to be there with them during the magical moment. So, transform your living room into the North Pole they imagined with jingle bells, twinkle lights, Christmas trees, sweet feasts, and comfort movies. Get a blanket, hot cocoas, and wrap yourself in the warmth of the movies. 

Did you like our best Christmas movies to watch with your kids this holiday? Give us some comments on the seasonal movies you have watched or are planning to watch for this season. If you loved reading the article and found it interesting you can check HappyPreggie’s website for more interesting articles. Happy reading and a Merry Christmas everyone! Ho Ho Ho…

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