Top 10 Home Remedies To Help Your Teething Baby

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Who doesn't like to see a toothless smile from a happy and cheerful baby? No one likes seeing a baby in pain, which is probably why there are so many recommended home remedies to help your teething baby out there.

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Teething may cause a lot of pain and suffering for your child. They are cranky and don’t want to sleep. The rest of the family may be wary as the baby keeps waking up, and all you want to do is to ease the discomfort. If you are looking for some safe ways to soothe your baby’s pain, read our list of top 10 home remedies to help your teething baby.

What Is Teething?

Teething symptoms can appear as early as 3 months of age in your kid. Between the ages of 4 and 7, most babies develop their first tooth. Teeth generally appear at the bottom center of the mouth first, then the top middle, and finally the back. By the age of three, most children will have all of their primary teeth.

Because of the pain and discomfort, your infant may become fussy when teeth push through the gums. You'll notice they're drooling and chewing on objects. The pressure from the objects gives them some relief as a result.

#1. Use Something Cold

Teething discomfort can be relieved with a cold, which is a fairly common and simple treatment. You may put a variety of safe things in the freezer for your baby to chew on. Just keep in mind that whatever you offer your baby to chew on must not be a choking hazard, and you should only give your baby something when you can keep an eye on what's going on.

Use cold things on the gum
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Give your child a clean, wet towel or rag to chew on after freezing it. It aids in the reduction of gum inflammation. Fruit or vegetables that have been frozen are ideal for them to nibble on. Just make sure they're big enough to avoid choking - a frozen carrot, for example, or a chunk of frozen banana works well.

A good old-fashioned ice pop, as well as yogurt or apple sauce straight from the fridge, might give comfort. You can find a variety of refrigerated teethers and soothers on the market to help your baby. You can also use a chilled spoon for a few hours and then place it in the gums as well.

#2. Put Pressure

Rub your baby's gums gently to give relief. After washing your hands, give them a finger or knuckle to gnaw on. To test if they enjoy it, apply pressure and massage in a circular motion. A wooden spoon or wooden teething rings can also provide natural pressure on the tooth that's trying to break through if a drool-soaked hand isn't your cup of tea.

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#3. Try Chamomile Tea

One of the most popular natural teething treatments is chamomile. It aids in relaxation and irritation relief. Chamomile tea is recommended by several natural parenting sources to aid with teething, and it's a component in several natural teething treatments. Chamomile has been utilized as a herbal medicine in a number of countries for thousands of years. If you're giving your infant tea, be sure it's caffeine-free. Due to the risk of botulism, you should never serve tea produced from garden plants.

Chamomile tea can be frozen into mesh teethers, spooned in a few cool sips, or rubbed on your baby's gums with a chamomile tea-dipped finger.

#4. Breastfeeding

If you're breastfeeding, it can be a great method to provide comfort to your baby, and teething is no exception. Some babies thrive on sucking but don't feel obligated to continue breastfeeding if it isn't working. If the problem continues, move on to another treatment option. In addition, some newborns find it appealing to bite on Mom's breast. If your kid starts biting, some specialists suggest massaging his or her gums with a clean finger.

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#5. Essential Oils

Essential oils provide a lot of natural treatments for a wide range of illnesses. Lavender Oil has a soothing effect and will assist your infant in relaxing when he or she is anxious. Clove, another essential oil, helps to relieve the pain by providing a numbing feeling to the gums.

#6. DIY Rice Pouches

In the center of a washcloth, place one spoonful of uncooked rice. Before freezing it, wrap it in plastic wrap and seal it with a rubber band. When giving the pouch to your kid to grip and chew, wet it a bit. The texture of the rice attracts little babies.

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#7. Massage The Face

This is another great home remedy to help your teething baby. Take the time to massage your baby's cheek, jaw, and gums in a circular motion multiple times a day. This therapy can be resistive in some newborns, but it can also be effective in others.

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#8. Peeled Ginger or Ground Cloves

Ginger is an anti-inflammatory that helps to relieve teething pain by soothing nerve endings in the gums. Rub a piece of peeled ginger on the baby's gums for three to four minutes for the most effective or immediate result.

Cloves have oils that are both warming and numbing. To prepare a paste that may be massaged on the gums, combine ground cloves, water, coconut oil, or unsalted butter, and chill in the refrigerator. Clove Essential Oil is also effective to reduce pain.

#9. Peekaboo

Distracting your child and giving them additional attention might aid a teething infant by diverting their focus away from their mouth for a short period of time. To get them to think on something other than their bothersome gums, try reading them their favorite book, playing a favorite game, or just taking them for a stroll or a trip in the car.

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#10 If Nothing works… Bath Time

The warm water in the bath will calm your baby's body and give pleasant relief from the continual pain. Baths also provide a change of scenery, which can assist to divert their attention away from their teething problems.

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Fortunately, there are many things you may do to help your child in coping. To ease alleviate gum discomfort; try some of these inexpensive and natural teething treatments. Also, don't overlook the role of general wellness in reducing inflammation. Baby will soon be back to normal... until the next tooth emerges!

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