Q&A With Expert Series: Get The Help You Need For Your Cry Baby From The Baby Cry Consultant

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Is your baby crying constantly, having reflux, or showing any discomforts during their nappy or sleeping time? Sometimes, constant wailing can be the reason your little one is entailed to reflux and discomforts. If your baby is crying for more than 3 hours a day, at least 3 days a week, then it’s a sure sign that your munchkin is having colic. Sometimes, the fit of fuss and cries they throw at you can’t be managed easily. This especially can cause stress to new parents and even to an experienced parent. 

Q&A With Expert Series: Baby Cry Consultant
(Q&A Expert Series With Pn. Uswatun Hasanah)

If you are experiencing this on a daily basis, then it’s time you find a baby cry consultant who can hush your baby to a good night's sleep. Another added advantage, a good daytime sleep too! Although colic in babies is very common, there are some frequently asked questions that always pop up to every parent enduring this issue. In our Q&A With Expert Series, we have Pn. Uswatun Hasanah who is Malaysia's first baby cry consultant with 10 years of cumulative experience. Let’s hear her advice to the most frequently asked questions about your cry babies. 

Q1. My baby is 5 weeks and she just doesn’t stop crying at all except for the time when she is asleep. Any ideas or help?

Q&A With Expert Serires: Colic in Babies
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The first 3 months of a baby’s life is referred to as the 4th-trimester state. It's an extension of the previous 3-trimester states that took place throughout 9 months of pregnancy. In other words, a newborn baby of 0-3 months old is a fetus living outside the womb. They are still in the transition period from womb to world. The only thing close to their hearts and make sense to them is the womb sensations. Thus, learning how to calm down and help a baby to sleep with any approach that mimics all of the womb sensations is the answer. One of the famous approaches available is Cuddle Cure.

Q2. Is it really just colic if the baby is crying and uncomfortable whenever he/she is awake and not feeding?

Q&A With Expert Series: Baby Cry Consultant
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If your baby is healthy and does not diagnose with any medical conditions e.g allergy or GERD, then this is the type of colic that we called as infantile colic: normal and healthy baby with excessive crying due to poor adaptation of womb to world transition. Learning how to calm down and help a baby to sleep with any approach that mimics all of the womb sensations is the solution. 

Q3. Does anyone know if babies with reflux can have bananas or anything with banana in it?

Q&A With Expert Series: Reflux in babies
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Reflux in babies is basically caused by acid-reflux food. Parents need to avoid feeding their reflux-baby or toddler with any citrus and acidic vegetables, fruits, and foods. Yes, fruits like bananas are non-acidic fruits that have digestive enzymes that ease the baby’s reflux. Of course, you don’t need to cook the bananas but can just mash them up and add a little liquid like milk, breastmilk, or water. This can put your baby on the right track.

Q4. My 4 week old will sleep perfectly fine during the day however at night he seems restless which keeps us up. What could be the issue?

Q&A With Expert Series: Baby cry solutions
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A 4-week old baby needs 17-18 hours of sleep per day. Thus if your baby has been sleeping poorly at night, it's understandable that she is very tired during day time. That is the only reason. You can overcome this issue by learning how to calm down and helping a baby to sleep with any approach that mimics all of the womb sensations is the solution. 

Q5. My 6-week old son has started to arch his back while sleeping and somehow that awakes him instantly. What can I do?