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Q&A With Expert Series: Get Your Answers On The Common Doubts For Newborn Infections

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The immune systems of newborn babies are very weak. This is due to the fact that newborn babies can become sick very quickly. For a variety of reasons, it can be quite risky. As newborns' immune systems are still developing, they are more susceptible to infectious diseases. When a newborn baby does develop an infection, it can become a great cause for concern. But luckily, if the infection is identified early enough, they also respond fast to the treatment.

(Q&A Expert Series with Dr. Cheong Wai Hoong)

Dear parents, we know how concerned you are with your little one's health. In this part of our Q&A expert series, we tried to cover some of your common concerns and doubts on newborn infections. Dr. Cheong Wai Hoong, Consultant Paediatrician at CT Women & Child Specialist Clinic helped us answer some valuable questions to ease your concerns. Thank you, Dr. Hoong!

Q1. As a parent, I am aware of baby infections. However, what is the most common infections that infect babies below 1-year-old?

Common newborn infection
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The most common infections under 1 year old are viral upper respiratory tract infections and viral acute gastroenteritis.

Q2. My baby is diagnosed with tonsillitis and a sore throat. What actually causes it and how can I treat it?

Tonsillitis is commonly caused by bacterial infections e.g: Streptococcus. Once diagnosed by your doctor, your baby needs to take a course of oral antibiotics to get rid of the infection.

Q3. My newborn has developed rashes around the eyes, cheeks, and lips area. Should I seek an immediate doctor's help?

Baby rash
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You should seek medical attention if you're worried and in doubt.

Q4. Newborn babies are prone to develop the risk of meningitis. How can parents prevent this?

The best prevention is to make sure your baby has all the childhood vaccinations i.e: pneumococcal vaccine, H.i.b vaccine, meningococcal vaccine, etc. Please ask your baby's paediatrician for further information about these vaccines.

Q5. My baby's umbilical cord stump bleed when it fell off. Should I be on the lookout for any infection and if so, how can I protect my baby's umbilical cord?

Newborn umbilical cord stump
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If the bleeding is mild and stopped spontaneously, just continue to clean the umbilical stump with alcohol swabs twice a day. If the bleeding persists, then please seek medical attention.

Q6. What should I do when my baby has a stuffy nose and continuous sneezing?

Stuffy nose
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Your baby may be experiencing the initial symptoms of a common cold or upper respiratory tract infection. You should check your baby's temperature frequently. If you detect fever (temperature >37.5°C), then, you should bring your child to see a doctor. Otherwise, you can use a saline nasal spray to clear the nasal passages.

Q7. Should I be worried since my newborn is vomiting frequently after feeding time?

Vomiting after feeding is quite common in the initial 2-3 months of your baby's life. The vomiting will reduce gradually as he/she gets older. However, if the vomiting persists beyond the initial 3 months; or your baby's vomit is greenish/yellowish, then you need to seek medical attention.

Q8. My kid's eyes are swollen, have watery discharge with yellowish mucus, and a part of the eye is red/pink. I have been giving eye drops but no improvement. What is it and does it need a hospital visit?

Baby eyes swollen
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Your baby is most likely having an eye infection or conjunctivitis. She/he may need antibiotic eye drops or if severe, oral antibiotics. It's better to bring her/him to see a paediatrician or ophthalmologist.

We hope Dr. Hoong’s answers have eased your concerns. What other questions do you have? Let us know, and we will help you find the answers. Your questions may even be featured in our future Q & A series blog.

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