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Top 10 Chinese Confinement Food Delivery In KL And Selangor 2023

7 min read | Updated on 27-04-2023 by HappyPreggie

Giving birth is no easy job, especially when a mother has to endure 9 months of physical and emotional challenges, as well as experiencing the long harsh process of childbirth. It drains a lot of the mother’s strength, and they would need to recover through resting and eating nutritious food as it helps them to regain their body shape and health. For many mothers, they would choose traditional confinement food for its special warm food that rejuvenates their strength. But, it is hard to decide which confinement food service suits them best?

To help mothers with this issue, we compiled some of the best confinement food delivery service that provides traditional Chinese-based nutritious and delicious confinement meals to mothers while they enjoy a relaxing recovery. Here are the Top 10 Confinement Food Delivery in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. The order of the list does not represent the ranking.

#1 Tasty Heritage Signature

Tasty Heritage Signature

Upholding the meaning of heritage in their name, Tasty Heritage Signature brings a taste of heritage to mothers recovering in the postpartum period with expertly designed traditional Chinese food and herbs that can rejuvenate vitality and health. Their menu items such as meat, soup, and vegetables are all prepared using the highest quality of hand-picked ingredients like ginger sourced directly from Bentong and premium red dates, without any artificial flavoring and MSG. As a bonus, the Tasty Heritage Signature delivery service has free coverage for many of the areas in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor that are listed on their website.

Find out more here: Tasty Heritage Signature

#2 JB月子餐 (JB Confinement Food Delivery)

JB月子餐 (JB Confinement Food Delivery)

A well-known confinement food delivery service in Johor Bahru with branches in Penang, Melaka and Kuala Lumpur, JB Confinement Food Delivery offers a delicious and fragrant Confinement meal so mothers can easily sit on the moon at home and make their body healthier than before. The special thing about their meals is that they are all made based on a traditional secret recipe that has been passed down for generations. They even offer vegetarian confinement meals. And, if you book their services 6 months early, you can get their early bird discount.

Find out more here: JB月子餐 (JB Confinement Food Delivery)

#3 Vivi Confinement Food Delivery

Vivi Confinement Food Delivery

Vivi Confinement Food Delivery sincerely want mothers to recover effortlessly. That is why they created a custom-made menu for mothers to choose and craft every meal based on their requirements. They also have a flexible package, where mothers can choose to get 7, 14, or 28 days of delicious and nutritious home-cooked meals and soups. Mothers can count on their delivery service as they deliver meals every day, including on weekends and public holidays.

Find out more here: Vivi Confinement Food Delivery

#4 Phoenix Signature Kitchen

Phoenix Signature Kitchen

Phoenix Signature Kitchen is the leading confinement food delivery service in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor as they ensure that healthy meals are freshly made and delivered to your doorstep. Mothers can take comfort in their confinement food menu as their meals are prepared with the highest quality of ingredients and they do not include any MSG or stock cubes in their cooking. Other than that, they offer free milk-boosting lactation cookies and free delivery in Klang Valley!

Find out more here: Phoenix Signature Kitchen
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#5 Tian Tian Confinement Food Delivery 甜甜月子餐外送服务

Tian Tian Confinement Food Delivery 甜甜月子餐外送服务

Serving delicious, healthy confinement meals directly from their kitchen to lovely homes or hospitals in the Klang Valley area since 2018, Tian Tian Confinement Food Delivery provides home-cooked meals without the home-cooked fuss. With more than 70 oriental and western food items on the menu, mothers can relax and pick their favourites as their cooking process is absolutely clean and hygienic with less sugar, less salt, less oil, less fat, and no MSG added.

Find out more here: Tian Tian Confinement Food Delivery 甜甜月子餐外送服务

#6 Halal Chinese Confinement Food (HCCF) by Zara Agnes

Halal Chinese Confinement Food (HCCF) by Zara Agnes

Halal Chinese Confinement Food, also known as HCCF, is the first halal Chinese confinement food delivery service in Kuala Lumpur. The founder, Zara Agnes, created this establishment to not only provide mothers a quick recovery but also to cater confinement meals to all mothers of all ethnicities. From their website and physical location, mothers can get all sorts of affordable halal confinement food products that can help speed up their healing processes like home delivery confinement meals with free delivery service, milk booster snacks, healthy drinks, and gift hampers.

Find out more here: Halal Chinese Confinement Food (HCCF) by Zara Agnes

#7 PopoMama Confinement Food Delivery PJ & KL

PopoMama Confinement Food Delivery PJ & KL

PopoMama takes healing and comfort for mothers very seriously as they devised a 4-stage recovery program for postpartum mothers with a 100% pure herbal tonic soup that helps mothers heal and relax at the same time. With over 365 items on their menu, their food is specially made by certified nutritionists, dietitians, and confinement food specialists to help mothers with their recovery and boost breast milk production. To ensure the mother gets a healthy healing process, they even cooked their meals using natural ingredients with less oil, sugar, and salt, as well as no MSG, artificial stocks, preservatives, and processed food.

Find out more here: PopoMama Confinement Food Delivery PJ & KL

#8 Essences Kitchen

Essence Kitchen

Ranging from vegetables, meat, soups and tea, Essence Kitchen and their team of expert chefs, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioners and nutritionists, dedicate themselves to provide flavourful confinement meals that are prepared using fresh and high-quality ingredients. Their menu benefits recovering mothers as it caters to all kinds of recovery needs like mothers that went through natural childbirth and Caesarean delivery. Additionally, they provide free delivery to locations that are within their coverage area listed on their website.

Find out more here: Essence Kitchen

#9 Jeannie’s 月子餐外送服务

Jeannie’s 月子餐外送服务

Jeannie’s Confinement Meal Delivery offers a wide range of carefully cooked nutritious meals that recovering mothers can enjoy with peace of mind. Their confinement meals package assures a mother’s satisfaction as it serves main dishes like chicken, pork and fish, vegetables, multigrain rice, dessert, and snacks. And to top it off, it includes a 1 liter Jujube tea to restore vitality and health.

Find out more here: Jeannie’s 月子餐外送服务

#10 SHL Confinement Food Delivery