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It is essential to eat the right kind of food after giving childbirth as it will have a direct impact on breastfeeding and it helps to provide enough energy for the new mothers. For customers who prefer to stay at their own house, our confinement center provides food delivery service to make sure that new mothers will acquire the required nutrients to fasten the process of healing. We will ensure that our meals will be delivered to your doorsteps in a timely manner! Contact us for more details on the confinement meal delivery in KL!

Sajian istimewa yang menepati citarasa dan keperluan nutrisi seharian wanita-wanita berpantang. PanTang Food menyediakan pakej-pakej yang menarik untuk anda. Setiap pakej menawarkan pelbagai sajian istimewa. Kami juga membekalkan "Hadiah Percuma" yang istimewa untuk anda semua.

Having a new baby is a most exciting time in the new parents' life. Many would choose to handle the confinement period on their own, in the comfort of your own home, reserving these precious time to bond with their bundle of joy. Dishes are prepared with mother's recuperation and healthy breastfeeding in mind.


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SeraiKasturi menyediakan perkhidmatan terbaik dan berbaloi kepada pelanggan seperti penjagaan ibu selepas bersalin dan penjagaan bayi semasa tempoh servis dijalankan.

We provide moms only the best traditional Malay postpartum care by our certified confinement therapists. Our therapists are selected and have gone through selection process and postnatal training. So expect your confinement experiences with us to be healing and full of compassion. And the best part? All these, done at the comfort of your own home or confinement center or any place of choice. We come to serve.

AD Babiegraphy (Baby Photography) record the precious moment during maternity, newborn baby, 369 month growth records and 1 y/o smash cake celeb.

Confinement Care and Beauty | "Your Trusted and Prestigious Confinement & Beauty Care Partner" | Mobile Spa Straight to Your Doorstep

Do you know that Yoga is able to calm both mind and body, providing the physical and emotional stress relief your body needs throughout pregnancy? If you’re pregnant, you might be considering prenatal yoga or pregnancy yoga as it also can help you prepare for labor and promote your baby’s health.

From the moment when Mom plans to pregnant, we have a series of massage services including pregnancy massage, prenatal massage, postpartum massage, baby massage and slimming massage.  从妈咪计划怀孕的那一刻起,我们有备孕按摩、产前按摩、产后按摩、宝宝按摩到瘦身按摩一系列的按摩服务

First Webster Certified Female Chiropractor in KL & Selangor. The WEBSTER Technique originated from the United States is a specific chiropractic sacral analysis and adjustment to correct the spinal and pelvic misalignment specifically designed for pregnant mums.

Little Details By Qistina specialise in newborn baby photography. We started our newborn baby photoshoot since 2017 in Abu Dhabi (UAE). Right now we are back in Malaysia. The idle time to book your newborn photographer is during 2nd trimester. In order to capture your newborn baby in adorable curly poses, baby must in between 7days-14 days. Try not to wait any longer than 2 weeks for the newborn session.