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After childbirth, a mother’s body is weakened as a result of the loss of blood during delivery and the hormonal changes experienced. It is therefore vital that mothers use their confinement period to recover, recuperate and revitalize their bodies. This rejuvenation process is achieved with plenty of rest and a well-balanced diet.

Having a new baby is a most exciting time in the new parents' life. Many would choose to handle the confinement period on their own, in the comfort of your own home, reserving these precious time to bond with their bundle of joy. Dishes are prepared with mother's recuperation and healthy breastfeeding in mind.

Confinement Food Delivery月子餐外送服务 (生产后坐月子,满月后继续加补,小产后补身,手术后调养),DIY Herbal Soup Bag / Mini Herbal Soup Bag坐月子药膳汤包 /小月子药膳汤包

The complete essential and quality confinement meals deliver service to your doorstep. With Mom’s Delight, you will enjoy some hassle-free and cost-saving confinement healthy meals. This package comes with 1 main dish (a choice of chicken, fish or pork), 1 side dish (a choice of vegetables or tofu) and 1 Postnatal Herbal Soup and organic brown rice.


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Pakej berpantang dengan rawatan lengkap untuk Ibu dan Bayi. Dirawat dan dijaga bagaikan PUTERI oleh Confinement Lady kami yang sangat berpengalaman.

My name is Raven, a photographer that love capture the best moment of people's life and i think, newborn photography and actuladay photography both carries the same important meaning. This is what i'm thinking and what my passion all about. Contact me to know more about my services.

Feeney Chuah started her photography business since 2013 as a wedding photographer. After realized she has more passion on newborn photographey business she decided to look professional newborn photography workshop. Her first workshop was KL workshop 2017 by Lexis Ow, who are awarded newborn photographer from Australia.

A planned program of observation, education and medical management of pregnant women directed toward making pregnancy and delivery a safe and satisfying experience. To promote pregnant mother and the community to gain confidence and awareness of their physical and mental health.

Annisa Sentuhan Bidan Spa provides in-home traditional Malay massage that comprises Menstrual, Fertility, Incontinence Care and Postnatal Massage. 马来传统产后按摩是我们巫裔从祖辈流传下来的传统手艺,代代相传。它是马来妇女在生完小孩后,坐月子的必备护理,所以马来妇女都能迅速的回复外在与内在身材功能。

Confinement is not easy, but with our expertise, you are SURELY EASY.

Here at Surya Yoga, we do yoga differently. We combine new and traditional knowledge to our practice creating our own personal brand of style.